Strange Links

While I am sure Kym's cards are lovely they are nothing to do with me. Links to someone else's site have appeared at the bottom of the comments section of at least my last 2 postings. These links my lead people to think that I in someway endorse this other site . The site you are directed to has nothing to do with me and does not have my permission to add a link from here.

We all go 'blog hopping' and follow all sorts of links its part of the fun of being part of this community quite possibily you found your way here on a blog hop! We all enjoy (hopefully) the journey and lessons found along the way, where you go next is a treasure waiting for you to find it. Trying in direct more traffic your way by cheeky opportunism on others Blogs is on, at least not in my world view.

Have a good all and enjoy your travels.

Thank you, the links have now been removed.


  1. Well said Zoe! A bit naughty to say the least.
    Lesley x

  2. How odd indead and hope it's sorted now :)

  3. Zoe if it starts happening more frequently you will probably have to turn on the approval option, ie you get to vet the comments before they are posted - a pain I know but it's the only way to stop 'junk and rubbish' being published xxxxx

  4. Zoe, I certainly don't like the tone in this post on your thread. I DON'T link to other people's blogs unless they are offering blog candy or if it's a direct link to a challenge. I know enough on my blog land to do posting and even had to get advice regarding posting my own blog candy recently and how to keep the post at the top - so to hint that I had linked to your blog deliberately is certainly not fair and has been very upsetting for me this morning.

    I make all my cards to sell to raise funds for different charities so being deceitful isn't in my nature and I am very hurt and offended with this thread and also the comments that others have put. Maybe before people put comments like this they should know the fact before posting.

    I had come across your blog from another avenue and have put a link in my "blogs I like to watch" section but needless to say I have removed this as I can do without upset like this.

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