No card sure there will be one later but for now

Thank you to everyone who has made it to work over the last couple of days in the snow.   Without you we would not have the things we just take for granted.    Our local shop is open no bread very little milk but the staff are there and so are the customers.  We have heat light and power the TV and Radio are broadcasting, even the essential services like QVC and Create and Craft LOL.   We take so much for granted and if those of you who are working had not made the effort we would be clueless so THANK YOU.

Me well my temping role finishes on Tuesday so perhaps my motivation is down the pan LOL


  1. Stay warm & cosy my lovely xxx

  2. What a bummer Zoe and just before Christmas! Hoping something really interesting and lucrative comes your way very soon. How thoughtful of you to thank everyone who is keeping the country running in this severe weather I'll second that!

  3. Sorry to hear your temping job ends Tuesday Zoe! Hope you have something else lined up! We've got glorious sunshine up here you will just have to come up to Worcester tomorrow! I drove into central Birmingham last night and the roads were fine.

    Hope to see you soon

  4. Oh Zoe what a real shame, I didn't realise that it finished that soon. I thought you were there til at least next year. Hope they have a change of heart and decide to keep you a bit longer as I know how you like it there and how long it took you to get the job in the first place.

    I didn't make it into work again after it took me 2 hours and 20 mins to get home on Tuesday evening. But I have been working from home and our building is closed until Monday anyway. Martin has walked in every day though.

    Fraz absolutely loves it!!! Hope the imps are ok in it, or do they stay in? Take care Sam xxxxx


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