Dragon's Dream - Fabric and words

Had a bit of fun with this part of an enjoyable creative week-end. Fabric is something I would love to do more with but as I'm still scared of the sewing machine so when Frankie put up this weeks Dragon's Dream to use fabric and words on this weeks tag it was good challenge.

Got felt scraps out looking for the brightest colours and glued then to a tag. Overstamped with an art collage stamp in stayzon and TH tickets tucked behind the felt. A little metal and flatback bling just because.

Someone once told me not to be afraid of colour times like this it always makes me smile.


  1. Well done for being brave, great bold colours which makes this piece so cheerful xxxx

  2. Oh, fun Zoe! Love the text everywhere!

  3. You know Zoe - I would like to do more sewing but my machine is an old one (sturdy and a good machine) so I don't feel I can do all the fancy stuff that I see others do.
    Great collage.

  4. Great piece of work Zoe Hugs xx Alison


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