weekly Journal Challenge

Starting last week at UK Stampers Efemera is giving us a set of promts to make a journal page.   Post card size was suggested especially for us novices at Art Journals its a format I like and is the size my pages will be made in.

This is the first week's page.   The Prompts were Goals and we were told to include some hand made paper, 3 aims or things we aspire to in 2011 and a photograph.

My photograph is a friends cracked laptop screen printed on acetate which fits my stated aims which are: to smile more, to get a job! and to be more advanturous in my creativity.

This is the second weeks page which is about Gifts.   This time the inclusions were to be: the best gift we have received, the worst gift and recycle some packaging.

The gifts best and worse proved to be very personal and choosing just one best impossible so a set of five tags are a small selection.   The worst was given with love by an aunt and thats all I'm saying about that.   The recycled packaging is the support itself a piece of cardboard with the top layer stripped of in part.

Right time for work!


  1. Love your pages Zoe, the colours and design.
    I have to say I think you are very adventurous in your work so I look forward to whsat is to come.
    Have a great weekend.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  2. Fantastic work - Im hoping I might get time to join in!

  3. Wow Zoe, this is beautiful my lovely! I also love what you have done with the Tando in your post below :D HUGS xxx

  4. Beautiful! You're well on your way through the adventure in creativity! Awesome!

  5. You'll have a fab journal by the time you've finished, what a great way to start xxxxx

  6. Zoe your all ways smiling lol and so am I right now (wonder why tehe) can't wait to see them in the flesh


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