New Challenge takes Wing

Good morning!

So excited our new adventure Just for fun kicks off today with our first challenge.    All three of us Sam, Von and myself have been preparing our samples and now we are inviting you to join in with us and show off your take on the theme.

The challenge takes off with an overall monthly theme of Wings and each week we will have a different aspect of that theme for you.   This week we have Heartfelt Wings.

For my sample I used the same marballed slab of FP that the mask, from the other day, is made from.   This time warm and soft FP has been cut with cookie cutters the inner heart used as a base.    Had thought I'd lined the corragated card for the wings on a different colour but no, now I rather like the way it clashs with the FP LOL.

So if you fancy getting messy and have an idea for heartfelt wings come on over to Just for fun and show us what you have created.


  1. Wow Zoe, this looks like great fun. Will go and take a look.
    Love your heart and wings.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  2. Zoe this is so COOL! You're absolutely correct to like the "clash" ... it's great!

    I'm now a follower on the challenge blog ... but I probably won't be able to participate right away (although every time I say that I find a way to fit it in). :)

  3. Your getting very creative with the FP Zoe and I was surprised how big it was when I saw it .
    FAB!! Von x

  4. Excellent work with the FP Zoe, it looks stunning and I too love the 'clash' of those wings xxxx

  5. Its a great piece, looks a fun new challenge blog.

  6. This is great Zoe!!! Love those colours. Wishing you well in your new challenge blog.
    Lesley x

  7. There it is!!! I've been wondering what you created from you sneek peek. Love the contrast of colors ,really makes the wings POP! Hopefully I will get a chance to jump in! Why oh why did I sign up for OWOH! LOL
    hugs Lynn

  8. Great piece Zoe! x

  9. Oh my beating heart.. I love it. Can't wait to get back to crafting and joining in. Fabulous heart.
    BTW ...if you saw Neet and I together you wouldn't think us alike... main reason I'm about a foot shorter than her! We're bosom buddies.. that's as far as I reach!
    Jo x

  10. Love how you have incorporated FP into your piece. Will see if I can get time off from all the prep I am doing (whilst in America) for a workshop that is up and coming.

  11. whoa..that's kewl chickie ~ you being on the dt for the new challenge blog ~ you go girl! and what a kewl challenge blog ~ might just try a few challenges!
    lovin your heart and wings ~ that is rawkin kewl and as always you use such kewl techniques and texture


  12. Hi Zoe the new blog looks great. Thanks for the tip about the shop in Hedge End x

  13. I am liking that they are different too my lovely! XXX

  14. This is fab Zoe, especdially with your 'clash'. I love your challenge, I'm hoping to get chance to join in over the weekend x

  15. This heart is fabulous, Zoe! The colours are beautful and the wings look like they are on fire - hot, hot,hot! Cheers!


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