Stylish blogger award!

I don't usually 'do' awards really should put a thingie up saying that.   Anyway am making a bit of an exception today as Marie is new to blogland and was thrilled to be given this.   Being a good sport and good laugh Marie has passed this onto me, Stylish Blogger! have you looked round here recently LOL

Not going to select people to pass it onto it you are a follower and would like accept this please feel free to take it.   The other expectation is a list of Seven things about me ummm........

All sorts of things make me Angry, Bad Manners being quite high on that list.

I can never have enough stash, I'm greedy like that.

While I'm job hunting there is no need to get out of bed at the crack of dawn a slow start is just fine.

I take a lot of Pride in the things I make some times I even think I'm good at it!

There are some stamps that have not made to my stash these I lust over.

Those of you who can made clean and simple cards I envy

Swaps really enjoy these cannot have enough of the wonderful samples that come back there can never be a glut of those.