Well I couldn't resist this challenge

It's the Less is More Challenge this week.   CAS is a style that intrigues me, sometimes you need a quick and simple card others it is the best way to get impact which no amount of dressing a card up will provide.    They might take 5 minutes to make but several hours to design and plan or more likely with me you make it up as you go!

This one took a little time the main image is fussy cut and stands proud on sticky pads.   All the colouring is in Promakers.  

The Less is More theme is Cats &/or Dogs and an invitation to celebrate your family pet(s).    You might have heard of the IMPs Izzy, Minx and Pounce and before them Chaos and Havoc or my childhood cat Blackie/Lucky.   All cats all little treasures and or independent little masters and mistresses depending.

Here is Pounce hoping to distract me from taking a photo of the card and to play with him instead.


  1. A really beautiful card, Zoe. Great image and a lovely photo of Pounce

  2. Love the design and image Zoe, I thought Pounce was modelling for you lol.
    Great to chat yesterday, thanks for ringing.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  3. Cute card and cute cat Zoe!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  4. This is a lovely card Zoe and a lovely photo of Pounce.
    xxx Hazel.


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