Lazy Sunday Afternoon

A song from the 60's but can I remember who sang it? Can I heck 99% sure they were a British Band but beyond that............. Anyone know?

This lazy Sunday afternoon is going to be spent gettin inky after a little wander to the corner shop.  Here are my first makes of today 2 Scraplings.  

Scraplings are the invention of Shar based I think of the little piece of card left over, in American sizes, from making square cards.   They are 1.5" x 4.25" folded.   UK paper/card sizes are different my biggest nightmare was cutting 1.5" with my big trimmers.

So card folded each stamped in grey memento and coloured with Promarkers.  I really like that the images are longer than the little pieces of card.   these were made of Rogue Redheads Challenge - Slender Benders.

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Small faces Zoe, one of my old time favourites - showing your age girl!!! Me too lol.
    Never tried scraplings, these look like great fun.
    Enjoy your lazy Sunday afternoon and now I think I gotta put iTunes on to listen to the faces.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  2. These Scraplings are wonderful.

    Have a lovely sunday

  3. I love your scrapings Zoe ive not come across them before, I especially love the puppies but they are both great

    Jackie x

  4. Beautiful scraplings! Yes, the band is Small Faces. Thanks for playing along with the Rogue Redhead Rebel Challenge!

  5. Absolutely delightful, Zoe! Thanks for playing along with our Slender Bender Challenge at RRD!

  6. Oh BTW, I didn't invent scraplings. They've been around for along time. I do love making them though! They are created from the bits that are left of the cardstock when you make a square card!

  7. well these are both fab... and both my fave things .. Poppies .. and cats.. perfect!
    Lisa x

  8. Loving your fab Scraplings. How did the bike ride go?
    Hugs Annette x

  9. Pleased that Brenda knew who sang it as I had forgotten lol

    Love the Scraplings Zoe.

    Chrissie x

  10. I'm loving them both, lovely cat and poppies, what else!

  11. I'm loving them both, lovely cat and poppies, what else!

  12. You've got no mind to worry :) both fab Zoe
    Von ♥

  13. It was definitely the Small Faces. I really like both of the scraplings, especially the cat which looks really content. I like the effect of both pictures extending past the tiny card, with both the stem of the poppies and the cat’s tail. Both scraplings go with the theme of the blog.

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  14. These are gorgeous, love the cat especially
    Lindsay xx


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