Lets make playing cards

I am looking for 51/52 artists to help create a pack of playing cards.   The intention is to make a limited edition set for sale in support of a wildlife charity.    This is not a new idea, every so often packs like this are created generally for fund raising purposes.

So what is involved?  Each of the 4 suites will be represented by an endangered spices, each artist is given a specific card to design with the only requirement is that the designated animal is incorporated into the design.

The art work does not have to be playing card sized, in fact larger art pieces are better.    All the designs  are compiled to make a full deck, of course the backs of the cards are all the same.     It is not unusual for the original art works to be sold as well but that is up to the artist.

We as paper crafters could create something different vibrant fun and special if we want to. 

There are collectors of playing cards just as there are collectors of other things, so we know there is a market.    By donating the sales proceeds to charity we will be helping other people/beings at the same time.

I have been looking on the internet this evening to try to find a link that might help you envision my idea.   This is the nearest I have found, and the general idea is the same all the playing faces of the cards have a common theme.

If you are interested you can leave a comment with contact details here or if you know me on Face Book you'll find my post there about this idea and can confirm your interest there.   I really hope we can do this we could all find it a fun project.


  1. I'd like more details Zoe
    Von ♥

  2. I would love to play along :) Count me in!!

  3. I'd love some more details on this also Zoe, as to what mediums etc are permitted and perhaps an idea of what animals would be required. Thanks Danie xx


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