Those of you who have been visitors for  or more years will remember this little tiger.   He is an intrepid hunter of worms, frogs, birds, mice and even rats!   Spotted once, in his younger days, proudly trotting home with a mouth full of feathers.  The largest of my colourful trio of IMPS, he is also a wimp and was nearly called custard.   The first time he & I met he 'hid' behind a bicycle wheel!     Easy to see then why the image below struck me as representing him.

No challenges me thinks for this one just a general share.


  1. So pleased that you shared the photographs and image Zoe. What a beautiful face your intrepid hunter has.

    Thanks for sharing

    Love Chrissie x

  2. easy prey for some Zoe :) and less mess for you :)
    Hope you and the trio are all keeping well
    Von ♥


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