That is the week that was

Health warning, I'm going to rant you might want to skip this first part and go to the cool card I'm sharing below.

Last Sunday my vacuum went Bang!  Whats the problem with that you may ask it saved you from doing the housework but.   I live with 3 cats, cats are furry and shed their fur everywhere and so when it gets ankle deep it does have to be vacuumed up.   So off to the shop to get a new one, bearing in mind that we are not going to be able to buy those powerful sucky tools once the shop stocks have sold out, something to do with global warming.   £100 + later a new cleaning tool made its way to my home.

New boss had her first post hand over week.   Now normally this would not be to much of an issue even if she does need to know absolutely everything and have her hand held at each step.  We are still working on the go live of a new computer system, what to new computer systems do? they go wrong.   Top this with 2 power cuts during the week stoping all work for each afternoon and resulting in 2 very late evenings in the office (6:45 and about 7:15) a new early start on Mondays on the promise of a early finish, yeah right.   And people wonder why I am stressed?

Then I get answers about the boiler at the house I am buying.   They have never had the boiler serviced and do not know when it was installed!!!! Who does not get their boiler serviced?   So I've gone back and said get it serviced or replaced to my satisfaction or the deal is off.

There is more the normal nonsense of spam calls, spilling the milk (Actually didn't do that) kind of normal day to day stuff not worth mentioning.

But, and this is important the cats are all fine.

So this week-end has been about unwinding, the vacuum was unpacked and put to work! Now this is sad but I like the new machine it is sooooo much better than the deceased one.   And I made a card.

Pumpkin Spice - Coffee or the Colours of Coffee
Less is More - Face the Music and Dance

The colour pallet (apart from the Orange) is shades of coffee, from the browns of 'black' coffee to the cream of silver top milk Camp Coffee my Mother used to make.   I've used Memento, Stayzon, and Colour box chalk inks.   The image has been coloured with Promarkers.

The Main images is a Stamps Happen Inc stamp stamped onto a scrap rectangle and fussy cut.  The blocks, music and stave are old stash collection stamps.   The solid strip is a piece of scrap from another project.   The cafe girl  on her stool always me think of Bob Fosse a brilliant mid 20th century choreographer, I expect her to break into one of his dances any moment now.

Good therapy.

I'm also sharing this with 

AAA Cards - Fussy Cut CAS

Right shopping list, Onion, Garlic and Icecream


  1. Hola Zoe!...what crazy week!!! i'm so happy yours cats are well :D:D:D.
    Fantastic card Zoe, very sophisticate lady, i like your design, well done.
    A hug from Palma and have a paceful week;D

  2. Super chic and elegant Zoe
    Thanks so much for sharing and taking part.
    Sarah xx
    Less is More

  3. I know the annoyance of things breaking down, and I feel your pain and joy. Your card is avant-garde and so chic, Zoe! Thank you for sharing it with us at AAA Cards!

  4. Glad sucky thing meets approval ROFL XX What a fab week you've had snap - washing machine man coming tomorrow sick of it feel like widow Twanky - Here's to a much improved week xxx Oh pleased cats are brill xxx and Card gorgeous xx

  5. Blimey sounds like you needed that rant. I get loads of those scam calls too, I told them to eff 'orf this weekend. Which hoover did you get? I need one urgently and have the cat hair problem too.
    Great card btw, fab use of stash stamps to bring it all together.

  6. Sweet! Mid Century is where it's at these days. I have a 1968 MC living room- LOVE IT! Cool stamp and a wonderful card. Thanks for sharing it with us. Cheers, Victoria Lavender- AAA Cards

  7. I hope you had time for more relaxing in the craft room after such a hectic and stressful week. Love the card by the way! :)

  8. Love that music score - very pretty - great fussy cut images too - Thanks for joining in with AAA~

  9. Love this card Zoe but sorry your week was so stressful. Crazy EEC rules again eh with the cleaners. A lot of people I know are buying them when they don't even need a new one.

    Take care

    Love to you and the kitties

    Chrissie x

  10. Sounds like you needed your craft therapy session! glad you decided to join in at AAA Cards.

  11. Fabulous card, very retro. I can`t understand this rule about powerful vacuums. Surely it`ll use more power ( and therefore more carbon emissions) having to spend longer going over the same bit of floor to get pet hairs up. I have 2 dogs so know what you`re going through. Bet a fella thought that one up lol.
    Lynne xxx

  12. I'm glad you survived your week Zoe, there's nothing like a new vacuum!
    Super card too, I like the swirl of music!
    Thanks so much
    Less is More

  13. Great job on the fussy cutting ! I also love the dimension added by the vertical panel!
    Thanks for joining us at AAA cards!

  14. Glad you managed to unwind after your very stressful week - I love the colours on your fabulous card.
    xxx Hazel.

  15. Chaos indeed Zoe! Love your stylish creation
    Thank you so much for joining us this week at Less is More
    LIM Designer

  16. And what a delight your card is too!

    Sorry to hear about the chaos that is your life this past week and hope next week will be waaaaaaaaaaaaay better for you!


  17. Loving your card but what chaos you really do live in !!

  18. I remember when my vacuum went dead. The guarantee certificate was still wailed, it was the the day before Easter, and at the store the wouldn't give me a replacement and recommended me to sweep while my vacuum was being fixed. You kidding, sweeping with sofas and floor carpets? To put a long story short, I left with the store with a replacement vacuum!
    Love your card! It has the perfect balance of layers and a clean look, really fab!

  19. such a unique image and card. I like it


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