Sunny Saturday

Glorious day, morning spent in the garden, really enjoying this garden and so far no urge to dig holes and plant things.   Really really hope I don't get bitten by that bug again it is great fun and makes for a lovely colourful garden but oh the hard work maintaining it.   Still today was lovely and sunny, to hot really to stay out there so can indoors to see if I could make this pendant.

Think that would be a yes!   I struggle with wire work and am glad that after finishing the frame last evening I then set it aside.  Today there was time to just sit slowly steadily weaving, bending and shaping.    The stone is Jasper, and measures just over 2 inches in length.

This Labradorite Cabochon was wire wrapped last Sunday, think the week-ends are the best time for me fiddle with wire, week days after work I am clearly to stressed.   Only recently learnt of Labradorite but the play of light and colour from the stone just blows you away.   The earrings are Labradorite as well, unpolished the play go light on the surfaces still bring out brilliant flashes of colour.

So that is me still enjoying this jewellery making lark.


  1. Pleased you enjoyed the glorious weather yesterday Zoe. Rain for us today so far boo!

    Love the jewelry designs they are very different

    Chrissie xx

  2. Love your beautiful and very wearable jewellery, Zoe :) Elizabeth xx

  3. Love both of these designs - such talent!! Enjoy your weather, the US is literally floating away (not me, thank goodness - kitties don't like the water!) and has been warm, cold, sunny & storming here, sometimes in one day! XOXOXO Miss you <3

  4. Love and miss you too Sweetie


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