On the 8th of October Twofers will become Always use Rubber!  Exciting times and we Jane, Christi and I are having a lot of fun preparing everything behind the scenes.    We hope that you will join us in the new format fortnightly challenge.

As the name suggests we are a stamping challenge be it rubber or polymer it is your stamping skills we want you to use, there are a few other rules but nothing surprising or unusual.   We know a lot of people like digis now but still have their older stamps and others like us prefer to use rubber/polymer stamps

Our first challenge will go live on Saturday 8th October at 09:00 BST.   Please join us and maybe between now and then help spread the word?   Thank you my friends it is going to be fun for us all.


  1. Good luck with the new challenge, sounds like fun. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Looking forward to it, Zoe and team


  3. Hope all goes well Zoe.

    Love Chrissie xx


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