Friday, 10 April 2009

C is for CHAOS

It will come as no surprise that this week C is for Chaos. It is still less than a year since HRH the Worshipful Princess Chaos with attitude left us, this weeks letter gave the opportunity to pay tribute to her for allbut 20 years of affection. The sight of these letters at Hobbycraft set this project in motion now 2 or 3 days later lots of direct inking, stamping and decourparging, lavish use of embelishments later the object now hangs on the living room wall. The question now is to carry on and make the word Cat or Chaos or not.
Happy Easter/Spring Festival everyone.

Wow thank you for all the lovely comments - Sue perhaps the rest of her name will just have to be done now.


  1. stunning....................

  2. Beautiful Zoe, thanks for taking part again this week xx

  3. Goodness Zoe, this is lovely! Many thanks for taking part this week :)

  4. This is fantastic - I wouldn't have know where to begin xx

  5. Zoe...wonderful...have had a couple of glasses of wine tonight...and wondered if I was looking at a 4 eyed cat...double clicked on the image and realised...that it's the cats paws! Gorgeous...yes go for it do the total Chaos thing!

  6. Wow Zoe this is fantastic and what a great tribute to a lovely cat.xx

  7. I love it Zoe, it's brilliant.
    Thanks too for the lovely comment on my blog
    Anne x

  8. This is amazing.... I love the colours


  9. Lovely tribute and fantastic art!

  10. WoW this is fab Zoe

    Of course it's not cheating

    Thanks for submitting this piece into this weeks Lotstodo Challenge - Sam xx

    BTW, the link you left doesn't work xxx

  11. Its fantastic

    a fabulous creation


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