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Next years Calender

I've been doing lots of things but non of them have been blogged.  Going to change some of that today.  

At the beginning of the year I was frustrated with myself for not having made a 2018 calendar so about 6 months ago made a start on one for 2019.  Some of the pages I have shared before but now it is all together I thought I'd show off the entire piece.

No cover, the months have been printed and attached to the back of the previous months picture making this a double page spiral bound flip over calendar.

 I thought I'd share October with AAA Cards.   Theirs is a fortnightly challenge week 1 of the theme Moonlight.

That's Crafty, a monthly challenge who have the theme this October of Spookalicious.
 October's Love to Create is as always anything creative mixed media goes.  For November I used a combination of stamping using both both first and second inking.  Stencils were also used with an almost white colour and with embossing paste.

So there it is, I'm all …

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