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Shock! I made a Christmas card.

For a lot of people the name of this post will be surprising but if you know me you will also be surprised that I have actually made a Christmas card.   Fact is I do not like this time of year and all the commercial pressure that has completely swamped the spiritual message.   Christmas adverts and "present" ideas and those big tubs of chocolates started appearing in the shops months ago.  Children's expectations are whipped up to the idea of a mountain of gifts, adults feel pressured to measure up and put themselves in debt to do so.   The day it's self becomes a frenzy of preparing and cooking an enormous meal, by the end of the day everyone is worn out cross and a bit miserable.  

I love giving presents not because of any expectation  but because I want to.   There does not have to be a specific day or reason, well apart from Birthday's they are personal.  If there is something a person will like or might find useful, and I am in a position to do so I will ge…

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