Monday, 13 April 2009

Stamp Something - Shapes

Well the Easter Week-end comes to a close, as week-ends go its been interesting. Went to Work on Friday in the 5 hours there got a full days workload out of the way oh the joy of a day when the phone is not ringing off the hook.

Saturday went to see my Brother in his now place in Peterborough. Never been there before and it is a beautiful City, the Catherdral is one of the most photographed in the UK. the river Neve flows through the city populated by amoung others Geese, not a common sight in my neck of the woods making them an even more welcome sight there. Hopefully the sun will be out next time and the camara can make an appearance.

Sunday damp and drab, gave an opportunity to make this card, oh whoops its pink and green again. The daisy stamp is from Little Clare and the saying Diminison Forth. This is my entry to the Stamp Something Challange which is to include as many shapes as you can think its 5 if you count the daisys. STAMP SOMETHING.

Today Monday - the bonus day. the sun came out and so did the mower, we are having a good spring flush this year much needed the last couple have been quite poor. The down side the mower will have to come out again very soon.

Hope you all had a good Easter are rested and ready for what ever the week brings.

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