Friday, 3 April 2009

Tanda Teaser 92 - Vellum!

This week's Tanda Teaser, (note to self must figure out how to put a link in) is to use Vellum. For this I used some frost pictures Sue Law kindly sent printed onto Parchment Craft Vellum, which is a bit heavier, to create the winter cave Spring is coming away from.

Spring is a Tanda Stamp from their Dragons & Fantasy set 3, one of my favourite images. she has been embosssed in 4 colours and then coloured in to try to reflect the her transition from cold to warm. The Happy Birthday is also a Tanda Stamp from Sue's Birthday Verses. it only seems right to use Tanda stuff for their challanges.


  1. Hi Zoe! Welcome to blogging from one newby to another...I know i've been posting on the Tanda blog for a while, but that's not like having your own blog and setting up from scratch! I love what you've done with my frost photo....how have you managed to print it?....when I print on parchment craft vellum it always bleeds. I've even tried "printable" vellum and that bled too! Love your explanation for the card, very apt for today's weather!

  2. Really preety this one, and its given me an idea , thank you.

  3. Great and congrats on getting Blog up and runnig :D



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