Saturday, 18 April 2009

What an interesting morning it was here, earlier while bed making there was a blackbird fight outside the window. 2 males were in dispute about the guttering on a neighbours roof back and forth they went while a sparrow popped in and took the pickings. A while later bedding going on line listening to the commotion of some magpies when 4 or 5 appeared overhead all yelling and chasing each other. Quite a display as 2 flew off in an angry chase 2 or 3 others were mobbing a blackbird, wonder if he was one of the 2 from earlier. As quickly as they came they went and soon it was all quite again.

This week-end is the first birthday for Minx & Pounce, they have been here for 9 months now and grown into beautiful confident beings.

Almost forgot, went blog hopping earlier and found this delightful place Wildlife with pen and ink.

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