Monday, 20 April 2009

Yesterday, Sunday, went up to Alaxandra Palace for the Big Stamp & Scrapbooker Exhibition. Was not expecting a great deal as it seems there is not a lot of new things out this year but still found plenty to fill the gaps in my stash at home. Sunday is never as busy as Saturday so you have a better opportunity to see the stands and chat to some of the businesses there. Great vibe and an opportunity to catch up with friends who I only ever seem to see at craft shows. My account may have a hole now where the stash hole was, but it was a good day now I just need time to play.

I work at Hamble Marina right on southampton water. Its lovely to park on the water front and if the tide is right see all the different birds feeding along the mud flats. This evening was a little different coming down river and eventually going out to see was Queen Mary 2. Always have my camara to hand so managed a couple of snaps of her and of the Oriana who followed her out.

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