Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lots to do - Cracked it!

Love the Lots to do challenges but having done a crackle challenge recently wanted to take a different approach with this one. The opportunity came when visiting Ellen's blog with her link to how to do it that I just had to get out a plastic bag and some pvc glue and play. Could have left the glue a bit longer to dry before heating the embossing powder, we live and learn. Think the way the plastic gets holey with the heat gun gives a great effect. Great fun this recommend it to everyone.


  1. WOW Zoe that's worked out fab. I love that red stripe, it's so striking - fab piece

    Thanks for joining in with this weeks Lotstodo Challenge - Sam xxx

  2. A great piece,looks like fun to do too

  3. this looks great hun love cheryl xxxx

  4. oh that came out beautiful, addictive isn't it.I can understand you couldn't wait for the glue to dry. great colours

  5. Oh sounds fun not one to try while children are watching I feel :)

    Hope you'r eenjoying this glorious weather


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