Saturday, 9 May 2009

Lots to do

Am really enjoying the Lot to Do challanges they take you in different directions and get you thinking out side the box. This week the idea is Stripes and lines. First thought was lines at school a punishment with which your truly was familiar. this week the wonderful people at Tanda made up a plate of words for me great lines.


  1. This is a lovely interpretation of the stripes/lines challenge. I love birds and love random tearing as you have done here on your card. Nice work. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog too. I shall add myself to follow your blog its nice to meet you

  2. WOW this is fab Zoe and I love the way you've used the vellum

    Glad you're enjoying the challenges

    THanks again for taking part in the one this week set by Lotstodo - Sam xxx

  3. BTW Zoe, the link doesn't work xxxx

  4. fab idea - love the vellum xx

  5. this is stunning....such an unusual and striking card :)


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