Friday, 22 May 2009


Never done that before. Regret not having any photos at all of Havoc who passed 12-13 years ago! Have many of Chaos especially from 8 onwards but never made a scrap book about her. With the IMPS it has been in my mind and today made the first 4 LO. Now i understand the addiction and have many more ideas in mind for when there is time.

Showing here in the order made starting with Minx in the apple tree and ending with an unusual shot of all 3 togather. better go and cuddle them now.


  1. Lovely pages Zoe - glad to see you enjoyed them, I love scrapbooking! xx

  2. These are adorable layouts. Really cute cats. Anesha

  3. Yahoo

    Great lay - outs, Love the 3 together although notice Minx is a little away from Ponce and Izhe. Izhe seems to be keeping a weary eye on him :)

    Can't wait to see the next pages x

  4. Brilliant, such a lovely way to display your pet photos xxx


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