Saturday, 2 May 2009

Shirley Said

Bless her my good friend Shirley told me that the lacy peel off was all wrong & of course she was right. Thank you hun for being a good friend and helping me get it right.

Been playing with Alchol Inks this morning nothing to show yet but very interesting, yes I know most people got into these years ago but with so much to try and so little time it took this long. will show you how it goes as time goes on.

Better go feed the IMPS and self now. Take care & Have fun


  1. lOVE THE IMAGE !!

    Can't wait to see your playing with alcohol inks

    Enjoy your week end

  2. I agree with Shirley - beautiful image overpowered by the lace, which is a shame cuz it's a beautiful border (Hope you can use it in another crafty project :-) ) Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, I have just spent a lovely time trawling through your blog, I love your artwork, and how you use your stamps. xx

  3. You have created some beautiful artwork. Thank you for your lovely comment, have a great weekend.

    Brenda x


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