Friday, 19 June 2009

M is for - Music

Still working through the Ally Pally acquisitions (shameful but at least they are not just sitting on a shelf only getting the occassional stroke) This is another Butterfly Kisss stamp. The master rocker himself is this weeks contribution to Linda's Alphabet Challenge Half way now with some tough letters comong up!

Love the way the blue glass ep bubble on this giving a crackle effect to the image.

Might not get a lot done this week-end will be popping over to Poole for Poole Afloat tomorrow and its the British GP on Sunday......


  1. Love the colours and effects, they go brilliantly with the image, many thanks for joining in again this week Zoe :)

  2. Fantastic Zoe, love the stamp


  3. Great card love the image and the colours are great hugs kirsten...x

    thanks for stopping by rebecca's blog and your kind comments, really boosted her convidence...x

  4. Nice stamp Zoe and great choice of colour.

  5. I love this card! I wish we could see this in real life, I know photograhy or scans don't do it justice! Great card!

  6. thats beautiful; what a lovely stamp as well. My blue ep does that too I thought because it was so old but the effect is great.

  7. such a beutiful stamp great detail in it too,I could spend ages just looking at it,love anything like that were you can see lots of differnt elemnets in one piece of work. Just love it hun love cheryl xxxxxxxx

  8. Beautiful atc -love the colour and stamp


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