Monday, 22 June 2009

Stamp Something - Black White and Another

This week the Stamp Something challenge is one of those wonderful ones where you a given a couple of colours (or non colours) and no other hints or clues. Decided on the image first and wanted to stamp that in Lightening Black which is kinda black gold which settled the choice of third colour. Also having just discovered spray and sparkle needed an excuse to get my hand all glittery again.


  1. Hello Zoe

    Thank you so much for taking the time to browse my blog and leave a comment. I really appreciate this.

    I've been looking at your blog, and your art work is amazing.


  2. Lovely Zoe, that little birdie is so so cute xxxx

  3. A gorgeous card - love the birdie

  4. This might get a repeat - can't to grips with new keyboard. Anyways, just wanted to say this is another stunner, you are very talented.

    B x

  5. There are no words to say how wonderful your card is the art work is AMAZING!!!


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