Saturday, 18 July 2009

Dreams of Birds

Could not get the Ready Steady Stamp challenge out of my head so knew it was not done with me. Then following some of Carol's signposts and doing a little blog walking found Awfully Big Art Adventure and Wednesday Stamper this face fits all three.

Ready Steady Stamp use imge of either a cat or a dog well hope this Cats face meets that, use black and gold, include 3 differnt brads a page from a book or newspaper and faux batik.

Awfully Big Art Adventure are looking for pieces inspired by the theme of birds

Wednesday Stamper want your interpretation of dreams!

The cat here is inspired by my ginger tabby Pounce, who at 15 months is a feline teenager. Recently he has proved himself to be a hunter and bird catcher but more usually he will bring home frogs.

Paper mache mask from craft supermarket, primed with white Gesso and then with Gold acrylic. More acrylic red, cream, orange, burnt umber to give the feel impression of his markings not applied all over some of the gold is showing through. HOTP swirles freehand stamped in black. Trimcraft bird stamped onto a newspaper twice in clear ink clear embossed and coffebean ink wiped over the whole to creat the faux batik, one bird on his mind the other on his cheek. Add altered glue and little rolls of newspaper for whiskers spray with Gold glimmer mist. Brads, he is a teenager and has had his ear pierced, catches frogs there is a frog shaped brad in his mouth and like a lot of handsome chaps knows it hence the gold heart on the left of his face. Some fine gauge wire for brow whiskers and orange gold gems around the lower eyesocket. An application of Walnut gold glimmer mist and finally spray and sparkle in silver.

A cat dreaming of Birds.

If you see this as a bird in the paw then it fits My time to craft as well. Knew there was a 'Bird in the hand' theme out there somewhere.


  1. Fantastic !! of course we don't mind you participating again. You can play as many times as you want (that's one of the reasons why it's over two weeks).
    Great job on the challenge !! thank you

  2. Interesting take on the challenges, very original = wonderful mask! Meow!!!
    ~*~ Patty

  3. WOW Zoe you've excelled yourself here, this is just fab

  4. wow this is just amazing hun fab mask such great detail love it to bits hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  5. wowwwwwwwwww !!
    fantastic !
    kiki :)

  6. Hi hun,

    YUMMY......... GOOD interpretation of Pounce :)..... he obviously was impressed hence his morning delivery for you :O

    Making "Thank you's" for schools,and escorts- so no scrummy play for me!!

    Hope Monday is kind to you at work

  7. Wow! What a fabulous mask!! I love your description with how it fits with your cat too. Brilliant work! katxx

  8. Wow, this is sooo cool!! love your mask!!


  9. What a creative take on it, love your cat mask!

  10. Wonderful cat mask - very creative and definately scarry for birds!

  11. WOW this is absolutely fantastic and so so different!

  12. It is a good idea, very original!

  13. yes, fits perfectly, beautiful mask indeed. thanks for participating.


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