Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lots to do - Something Stamped

The Lots to do Challenge this week is to include stamping on your piece. Now like most of us 90+% of what you will find here includes a stamped image. Thing is the Lots to do Challenges are great fun and I wanted to do something off the wall for it. So take a Stampscapes set some silver and some snowflake ep attack a piece of purple paper. A few weeks back Ellen showed us how to use a plastic bag, wet glue and ep, one of my attemps has been sitting waiting for inspiration. It turns out that you can peel the embossed glue off the plastic to get a kind of squiggle, it seems fitting that it is attached to the purple paper with the same kind of PVC glue that it is made of. Heavily decorated paper attached to card and the whole topped off with a dragon fly made of fantasy film over fantasy fibre. So there you go something stamped.

Have been very remiss in visiting all your great blogs just been so busy catching up after the week-end but promise to come and see you all very soon.


  1. gosh this is amazing it is a great effect loveing all the detail love cheryl xxxxxxx

  2. Oh Zoe, this is stunning, little more I can say, other than me thinks I have to try this technique.

    B x

  3. oh Zoe I love this creation teh background is superb and the dragonfly a great touch

  4. WOW Zoe this is fab, love the colours

    Thanks for being very inventive with your stamping and joining in this weeks Lotstodo Challenge - Sam xxx

  5. very unusual background - i love it - the dargonfly looks great xx

  6. WOW!!!! This is stunning!!!


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