Saturday, 11 July 2009

Not a lot of crafting

Finished work at midday Friday starting a week off! Yipee. Great start with a visit to Jendenink for a lesson on working with metal look at all the fab things we were shown how to make. Lesson made even more fun with Carol for company. We had a fantastic afternoon, thank you Jen, cannot wait to get my new tools and get playing!

Today met up with Jean for a walk around Marwell Zoological Park Our local ark and a favourite place to spend a day. It was raining but there were still lots of visitors, felt sorry for the wedding party, but am sure they all enjoyed themselves.

Lots of new babies around the zoo including 3 Przewalski's the one on the right here being the youngest and looking like a very new arrival.

Marwell has been very succesful with these beautiful wild horses over the years and seveal of their animals have been included in the release progrem. Przewaksji's are unusal in that they have no wither to speak of, and have not been used as domestic horses although they have been bred with domestic stock. They also have a stripe alone their spine, giving rise to some speculation that all equines come from striped beginings.

Here Mum to the youngest quickly stepped in to stop things getting out of hand.


  1. Fab metalwork Zoe

    Those animals are so cute

  2. Great start to your metal work ventures Zoe

    Never seen any horses like that before, they are a lovely colour and look like bambi's!!!!

  3. great metal work and oh the horses are lovely great photos love cheryl xxxxxxx

  4. Wow your work is fab! Enjoy your week off xx jo xx

  5. GREAT METAL WORK!! Despite the distractions of a manic novice for company!!!

    Love the photos - cute looking animals :)and well done on getting them in the frame!


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