Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thank you Cheryl

The very talented Cheryl has just given this award to some of her friends! Gosh I feel privileged, will have to come back later and share it with other friends. Gonna be tough there are so many warm kind generous people whose support and encouragement means such a lot narrowing it down to just 12 is a challenge.

Cannot list just 12 so am listing friends and peeps who have encouraged and supported this little place, if you are listed please take the award if you have been missed I apologize for my absent minded oversight. In no particular order

Carol (Playpaper)
Angela C
Ang C
Lesley (Gee)
Sue (Inkspot)
Scrapper Julia
Janet (Topsyjane)
Kay (Glistening Shadows)
Brenda (Flora Fantasy)
Dawn (Simpson)
Linda (Biker)
Rachel P

I know i am missing loads of names - Sorry will add them as they come to me.


  1. Welld one Zoe and thanks for adding my name to your list xxxx

  2. Hi Zoe, so sorry not to have been by, think you know the reason, but no excure for bad blogging on my part.

    Thank you so much, really is appreciated.

    B x

  3. thank you Zoe what a lovely bear

  4. Thank you so much Zoe... sorry I have only just seen this! He is a lovely bear.


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