Saturday, 22 August 2009

Lots to do wooden spoons

Another Swap Angela is organising is a wooden cooking tool swap. No idea which spoon is going will have to see who my swap partner is!


  1. these are great spoons hun thanks for the comment you left on my blog hun and bless you for your support hugs cheryl xxxxxx

  2. Fabby - real humour in this swap. Very origional.
    Lesley x

  3. Hi Zoe

    These are fab. Have not seen these done for absoutely ages and has remminded me how I used to like making them when the children was smaller.

    Your are very welcome, deserved :) :)

    B xx

  4. Love these spoons - I saw some decorated spoons a while ago - can't remember where or what they were like but I know I thought at the time I would love to do some. As usual didn't and forgot all about them. These are great!

  5. Love the spoons, which one is for me?????

  6. Looks fun there was me thinking a metal spoon DOH!!

    She's a quirky cutie


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