Saturday, 15 August 2009

Tanda Teaser - Tag it

Sue has been away on her family holidays she came back just in time to set the Tanda Teaser for this week which is to use a tag or tags in/on your cards. Part of the fun of Tanda challenges is finding the right Tanda stamps to use (Tanda stamps are not obligatory but its nice to do). sometimes it is really hard with a design idea going one way and the collection another. Not so this week the most famous death mask in the world provided the perfect tag and set the theme for a simple stamp and heat emboss card. You cannot see it in the picture but there is a watermarked cartouch between the two images on the front of the pocket.


  1. Love the look of these!!!!

  2. love these hun such striking images love cheryl xxxxxxx

  3. This is fab Zoe, love the Egyptian theme

  4. Brilliant work zoe. I love this its so different, i always love your originality
    hugs June x

  5. Oooh Zoe - love it - it's fab xxx

  6. Zoe these are lovely,i really must get my Egyptian theme stamps out and start using them! xx jo xx


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