Friday, 21 August 2009

V is for - Viking

A couple of years back now on CSF Lesley ran a fat book swap where we each made 26 pages of one letter. My letter was V, and it has been interesting revisiting these pages to select one to represent V this week. My themes back then were Valantine, Vintage and Viking, it will come as no surprise that Viking still appeals the most, and this little page represents the warrior ancestors today.

So for the Alphabet Challenge this week V is for Viking.


  1. Hi Zoe, I love the Old World feel of this! Very beautiful, V would be a hard letter to do!

  2. Morning

    26 V's blimey...... love the viking with the distressing it's brill


  3. it,s lovely Zoe, and so is the Vintage Rose that I got in the swap

  4. Lovely Viking theme Zoe I love it.xx

  5. Now whats this bout your love vikings...............never would have thought it. lol. gorgeous work hun.

  6. I have my uses then! I remember your lovely fat pages! Thanks for taking part in the challenge again xx


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