Saturday, 26 September 2009

Another Mask

Had considered entering the Craft Stamper compertition this year but no time now to make the other 2 pieces so am free to share this with you all.

Acrylic paint paint layered with freehand stamp and gold embossing, altered glue, fantasy film and fiber with floral, butterfly and dragonfly stamps. Ribbon gems a self adhesive pearl, false lashes and a couple of feathers. Right time to go do stuff so I can go play tomorrow.


  1. WOW, fabulous work Zoe! What a stunning mask.

  2. brilliant - masks scare me but this one is indeed very arty

  3. Ooh Zoe this is wonderful. I had the same thought about the Craft Stamper competition but that word 'time' does get in the way! Sue x

  4. Hi Zoe - Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    This mask is amazing - I love the textures you've got going on and the colours are great. The butterflies are perfect too!
    What a shame you didn't have time to do the other 2 pieces :(

    Carol x

  5. A party goer I guess :)

    Them lashes is a tad creepy....

    Have a great day tomoz and I'll catch up with all the news Friday!!

  6. Wow it's gorgeous - what work!




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