Friday, 2 October 2009

Z is for

Well here it is Z the zenith of the Alphabet Challenge unless we are going to start all over again next week!

So Z is for Zulu. It could have been Zoological or Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance or giving it zed's all of which were considered. Quite fancied Zen but no motorcycle images thought I'd leave that one to Linda.

Had to have a Zebra and started with A for Aries so Zodiac was in & its my initial hence the little wax seal. Primarily Z is for Zulu. At least on this little skinny


  1. What a fabulous Z skinny Zoe, and goodly number of Z's on one item! Many thanks for your support over the past many weeks of the Challenge, it's been lovely seeing all your work. :)

  2. Fab work Zoe, and I didn't know there were that many Zed's!!!!!

  3. Brilliant Zoe, I wouldn't know where to begin for the letter 'Z'. Sue x

  4. Lots of Z's there then LOL

  5. Fantastic skinny Zoe love your take on the Z. xx

  6. Great skinny Zoe! Thanks for taking part in the challenge xx


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