Thursday, 3 December 2009

Board book

A while ago Hilda organsied a board book swap Lots to do . Could not complete mine in time but Sam said that she would wait for me to finish and have the book I made. Finally got it in the post on Monday and Sam received it today so now it can be shared with you all.

One for the Birds

Another for the fish

Trees and green - lots of Paper Perfect

Sam's dog Fraz

People movers

Thats all folks.


  1. gosh hun you have worked hard on this its just brill love all the elemnets you have used in it and the cover is awesome hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  2. The photos don't do it justice Zoe, it really is stunning and very touchy feely, and Fraz is just amazing xxxx

    Well worth the wait, thanks Zoe xxx

  3. Gorgeous book Zoe - bet Sam is thrilled with it

    x Hilda

  4. This is fab Zoe, I'm sure it must have taken you ages to do. Sue x

  5. Wow what a fab book Zoe! I love making board books xx

  6. I missed this with going away - love it!


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