Sunday, 7 February 2010

A little gift

Some visitors asked about yesterdays background. As you can see it is now the cover for a note book. Its a friend's birthday soon (not Shiaron this time) and this is for her hope she will not mind that it is published before she gets it. The idea came for a visit to Staples looking for something got work. They stock the beautifully bound Journals that are available recently admiring and stroking one of them it dawned on me that I could make a cover, so yesterday I did.


  1. Its stunning Zoe !!! love the colouring and the "mystery" of it all - gorgeous

  2. Thabnks for the heads up on Staples, these are just what I have been loogin for so I can alter one - when I get time that is.

    Looks like the GM's have been at work here and is that some acrylic for the leaves and flowers ?

    B x

  3. Hello again... so glad to see you used the lovely backgrounds you made... your friend should be chuffed to bits!
    Have you read your emails today?
    xxx lynx.... hope to see you soon! xxx


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