Saturday, 27 March 2010

Allsorts - Altered or recycled

Popped over to Brenda's this morning to see that she had been altering & beautifully. So off to Allsorts to find out what the challange is this week. Its alter or recycle something right up my street, if you know this little place you'll know its got lots of altered things in it.

Sam is running a swap over at Lots to do forum for distressed makes, any thing so long as its distressed. I'll send it with a box Sam so you can forward it to whoever gets it in the end

At Banana books last week-end they had these little straw hats for children (thats me under 10) to make easter bonnets with. It was time to change the shower scrunchy always thought they would make interesting blooms. A few weeks back got a bag of broken jewellery at a charity shop it included an interesting string of beads.

Cut some of the stitching on the hat, start scrunching stiching and gluing. GMs out and a little aging with a distress ink pad. Theres glitter on there as well as a bit of orange ribbon and the buttons from in my minds eye. the hat came with a handy bit of chin elastic perfect for hanging it on the wall.


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  2. WOW Zoe another stunning transformation, with all these challenges you'll soon have your 3 pieces well and truely sorted!!!!

  3. Hi!
    It's a beautiful hat. Love all that you added to it. Those scrunchy's are great I'll have to kee those in mind. Have a great day!

    My Journal

  4. Fantastic! I'm so glad you joined the Allsorts challenge this week and good luck.

  5. Another Wow from me Zoe, what an amazing idea. your hat looks stunning
    Claire xx

  6. Oh this is brilliant! Love it! Just what I need for my summer holidays! xxx

  7. Brilliant just love what you did to the hat


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