Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday Tagger - Jester or Masquerade Ball

Its Tuesday again and a new challenge atTuesday Taggers. Avril has chosen this theme of Jester/Masquerade Ball. Well if you know me at all you will know were my mind went instantly.

Papermache blank in a shape that is reminiscent of a Jesters hat, Venetian Masquerade Balls are famous for the masks the party goers wore. White gesso base and then buff acrylic paint and almost dry brush copper shading and contrast. Music themed paper from a book of papers decouparged on with modge podge. Outlines followed with gold red blue green braid, altered glue and rainbow glaze Tiger Lily and Golden Terracotta GMs gave him a very handsome tan. Self adhesive gems and a quick blast with Silver spray and sparkle for added shimmer and shine.

If you think it took skill or was hard to make this think again, these blanks are really easy and fun to decorate. The altered glue is something i usually have laying around it takes about a week for that to dry so i keep some handy. As for the rest the longest and hardest part was drying time and waiting for it to dry. it really is just a case of painting and glueing don't start with a vision just a vague idea and go with the flow. Give it a go, its fun!

Do hope you will pop over to see the fab makes from the DT and join in with us this week.


  1. Great mask - has it got a rhodeo figure on lower right??

    Gorgeous textures

  2. Fabulous hun - you must have spent ages making this one!!
    Teri xx

  3. Fabulous mask. You must have put some work into this little beauty.
    Love Pat xx

  4. Fantastic Zoe, love the colour and the concept xxx

  5. Amazing work Zoe,
    Claire xx

  6. Fantastic work Zoe, it almost looks like you made the mask out of leather!

  7. Hi Zoe
    This is an amazing creation and all the more so because it is so unusual - you know how much I like 'different' Thanks so much for my card and pressie - both stunning! Helped make my birthday the special day it was!
    x Michelle

  8. fantastic mask
    thanks for sharing

  9. Lots of work a great mask it was reall nice included with such talent wonderful honor for me

    Love Dawn xx

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  11. O let's start it again. Maybe this time wll make sence too lol How long this gorgeous mask took you. Wow wow wow

  12. Wow - this is absolutely gorgeous . I love masks , i would love to go to a masquerade ball.
    I love the colours and effects you have used
    Lisa ;)

  13. This is brilliant! Masks are such a wonderful thing for you to be into,

    Lucy x

  14. wow! this is gorgeous! Its just stunning! I love masks, this is just so beatiful and creative, incredibly inspiring.
    I feel like making one myself :-) x

  15. Wow, wow, wow!! This is fabulous! I love it.

  16. Wow - it looks like leather - amazing. Not tried these before - where do you get the base mask from ???

  17. Wonderful mask, hun! I love it.The coppery shimmer is gorgeous x

  18. wow this is just FAB!!! xx jo xx

  19. Oh WOW Zoe, this is truly unique! It's brilliant! xx


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