Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lots to do - Mail art

Its been a lovely day today good drying weather! Forecast is for more tomorrow yipee a sunny Bank Holiday Monday! A good day for playing am now covered in ink having throughly enjoyed myself and covered this envelope.

Hilda is back from Belgium and brought back rather a lot of ciger boxes with her! Her theme this week at Lots to do is to decorate something to go in the post be it an envelope or a postcard. Love to decorate my envelopes but am usually in to much of a rush to do them, really enjoyed playing with this one.

Barn door, Victorian Velvet and Blending block shades of orange on mat with water envelope swished around in it. A post it note used to cover where the address would go rest of envelope stamped mostly with Stamp Bug but also some Paper Artsy mixed in leaving a little space for the stamp. postit removed, Scattered straw blended over that unstamped section of the envelope. More Victorian Velvet rubbed round the edges, Stormy Skies patted over all the gaps around the edges. So if this lands on your mat you'll know who it is from without opening it.


  1. zoe this is beautiful! I especially love the cloudy effect, realy beautiful sunset effect in the window you have left for the address!

    Would love to get this land on my doorstep!

  2. It's stunning! I love those rich warm colours

  3. A fantastic piece Zoe

    Thanks for sharing your work with the Lotstodo Challenge xx Hilda

  4. Stunning work Zoe, I love the colours and the stamping you've done. Sue C x

  5. Wish my mail looked like this!!

  6. Love this one Zoe!
    Lesley x

  7. Fab, it looks so dreamy and romantic, wish I got mail like that

  8. This is beautiful... love the whole water color effect... and the stamps just pop... wonderful


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