Sunday, 16 May 2010

Meeting friends in Wantage

Yesterday Sue, Janet, Lucy and I all meet in Wantage, where the lovely Wendy owner of Stamp Attic treated us royaly by allowing us to use her workshop and making sure we were really comfortable, Wendy even treated us to Cake!

We responded warmly with a few purchases! Not just from Stamp Attic, Lucy and I visited a couple of charity shops while we were in town.

Gifts from Sue, we each received an empty yeast tin that we are to Alter! Sue also gave each of us a special edition set of her stamps made especially for us by Tanda. Plus look at all the yummy fibre ummmmm! and little UTEE charms she had made for us and buttons and beads and lots of other goodies all in the fabulous box she had made especially for each of us.

From Janet all the way for New Zealand a card that when Janet first blogged it blew me away. She also gave each of us one of the napkins with the shell design on it and fragments of shell her challenge to us is to make something using these. She had also brought for each of us a stamp depicting a bird or animal or plant from her home, mine is a Pukeko going to have to google that later. Janet had made a goodie bags as well and filled them with lots of other treats and goodies.

Lucy had a fabulous canvas for each of us. Mine shows the Alice moment when the Hatter stuffs the Dormouse into the teapot.

Unfortunatly Donna lives a bit far away in America to join us for the afternoon. With us in sprit Donna had sent each of us beautiful tissue holders. So useful something of Donna we can all carry with us all the time.

The best of the day was spending time with good friends, Sue had her Copics with her for us to play with. We all had a great time thank you all for a great day out.


  1. Looks like you all had a fab time - great stash - beautiful gifts - friends and fun what more could you ask for xx Hilda

  2. Sounds like a great day! Glad you had a good time x

  3. Gosh, what wonderfully generous friends Zoe! I bought a little bagful of these shell fragments when I visited New Zealand in 2004 so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with yours! Great to see you in the flesh at last. Now I can picture you when I read your posts xx

  4. Ohhh sounds like you had a wonderful time and lots of beautiful goodies, ya making me jealous lol
    hugs June xxx

  5. Zoe, you're so organised! I've yet to photograph my goodies, I've been busy catching up with the chores that I didn't do yesterday, will have to do my photos tomorrow when everyone is out! Will have to get all my purchses out of the hiding places I found for them...didn't really want peeps to know how much I spent LOL!

    It was a great day out and lovely to meet you in the flesh and thanks for bringing Lucy with you. It was nice to share...(you know what I mean!)

    Catch you later

  6. What a great time you all must have had. Its such fun getting together with friends to create, Not much better than that!

  7. Wow Zoe you are so organized. I haven't taken pics of all the other goodies yet! They are still packed away. Loved the time with you and the others. Thank you for giving up your day! X x Janet

  8. Aww looks like you all had a good time!!!! I'm so glad nothing is better than dear friends!!! I so wish I could have been there!!! I love all the goodies and I'm glad I could contribute something!!

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful time! x


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