Monday, 31 May 2010


At our little Tanda Forum meet recently my challenge to everyone is to make something from a wooden peg and stand. This is where you can see Sue's Peg it really is an amazing piece. Everyone has been asked to return the completed pegs to me and I will find/make or do a RAK in return.

Have a long way to go in my ambition to learn to crochet trying a few stitches today and found the ideal little dress had been conjured up quite by chance. Well never one to miss an opportunity, a few stitches later Peggy has a matching bonnet. OK so its pretty basic and in no way compares to Sue's but a bit of fun.


  1. How cute it this Zoe ! I love the colours you've used. Sue C x

  2. Its brilliant Zoe - love it !!!!

  3. Ohhh Zoe i love it and i have been considering crochet for a
    while but wondering how difficult it is to start from scratch
    love this though she is a darling
    hugs June xx

  4. I love it! Your crochet looks great! I love the hair!

  5. Well done Zoe, it's fab xxxx

  6. ohh zoe hun this is just awesome really love it hugs cheryl xxxx


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