Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tuesday Tagger - Step out of your Comfort Zone

Well expect this has made you smile, its about as far from my comfort zone as you can get my feet do not touch the bottom and I cannot see land from here! Sally thought up this little beauty of a challenge for Tuesday Taggers really Sally just wants us to try something different, just stretch ourselves a little and try something we might not have done before.

Lets face it Cute is just not my thing all those lovely cards you all make with little girl images and flowers and layers simply do not know how you do it. Have not done much with digital stamps either, but then this week Rachel has her lovely stamps for sale Butterscotch here seemed idea for my card this week. Do go and check out Rachel's blog she is selling the stamps for charity and there is a fabulous draw for anyone who buys all three.

all the team are trying different things this week with some fabulous results please check them out and stretch yourselves a little as well, we are Tuesday Taggers


  1. Morning Zoe

    I think it scared Sally as well after she came up with it. But just shows us what we can do, too easy to stick with what we know, I'm the biggest culprit - did someone suggest flowers adn butterflies ?

    So pink flowers and fairies, seems you can do cute and very well at that.

    B x

  2. I love cute and this is very pretty and sweet. I still got few things I'm not confortable, maybe one day will give a go and try something new again.

  3. You have brightened my day...gorgeous artwork. Beautifully created. Hugs, Gayle.

  4. Wow! Well done you for doing cute and girly! This card would certainly be a hit with lots of little girls, especially ones that like a particular make of doll! Thanks for rising to my challenge, hun.

  5. Lovely and pink and a fairy too, you certainly are out of your comfort zone but what a great creation!
    Pat xx

  6. Yep Zoe this is very bright cheerful and pink definately not your usual style but lovely anyway!
    x Michelle

  7. The bright pink flowers rock.

  8. Hmmm....well.....I really don't know what to say!!!!!


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