Sunday, 27 June 2010

3rd Peg

Having one and knowing that 2 more are on their way cracked on and made sure that my first 3 are ready.

This time wove some ribbon backed it with tissue and cut out a triangle Stuck it to back of doll and halfway down peg leaving open flaps at the bottom. Stuck some lace round neck and near bottom. Now we are looking like a choir boy. Bit more ribbon for a stole wire arms painted face and hair, vellum book and mirror card halo.


  1. OMG that is so clever Zoe. I get in knots trying to weave ribbon let alone use it to dress a peg!!!
    Love it!
    Claire xx

  2. You are so clever Zoe, this looks brilliant.
    Luv B xxx

  3. To the lady who has the patience of a saint, I salute you......brill peg doll. Annette x

  4. Zoe, you're so prolific atm...can't keep up with all your posts!..great work or should I say works!... bit dragged down with teenagers here...hope to catch up soon!

  5. wow hun you really are so clever hun this really is stunning,gosh you totally blow me away hugs cheryl xxxxxx

  6. How clever and wouldn't she just make the most adorable Christmas ornament! Great use of ribbons

  7. Wow Zoe - a fantastic piece of artwork and so clever - love it !!

  8. How inspiring, this is a fab peg Zoe xxx

    Glad the puss is getting better

    No, unfortunately being very busy is all work related - no time to play, blog hop or anything at the mo xxxx

  9. I missed this piece yesterday its brilliant Zoe


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