Sunday, 27 June 2010

Alphabet Challenge - Icy Colours

Remember the meeting at Wantage a few weeks back? we swapped some great crafting items and set each other a few challenges? I gave everyone a peg asking them to make something of it and return it to me, always intending to make peg dolls and send them back. Showed you the first one a while back this is No. 2

Alphabet challenge this week is I for Icy asking for icy colours. To me that is white, silver and blue. Painted peg and base white, three strips of lace sewn togather and gathered at the top. Clear beads stitched down the seams with silver thread, blue beads around the top and white pearl beads on the flower in the middle of the lace panel. Blue underskirt is tissue coloured with GM for another project and saved. Arms are wire covered in knitted wire ribbon from the Ribbon Man (I think), hair strands of silvery coloured hairy fibre and a little white fibre fringe. Clearly an Ice queen she has three glitter covered snowflakes as sort of wings and crown. Very unsure who is anyone will get this one but she at least fits the challenge.


  1. She is lovely Zoe! I love her snowflake wings and crown! Thanks for taking part in the Alphabet Challenge xx

  2. Very pretty loving the colours

    love DAwn xx

  3. Fab doll Zoe love the snow flakes

  4. Oh this is lovely, thanks for joining us at the Alphabet Challenge. x


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