Friday, 25 June 2010

Tyvek bookmark

My little Torti girl is hopping around on 3 legs this week, she has injured a nerve in her leg and needs a bit more attention than usual. Little things like opening doors because the catflap is to difficult plus if someone picked a fight with her she would not be quite her usual fisty self. So yours truely is staying in well we who dwell with cats have to be prepared to do our duty. LOL Good thing I'm not working really.

Had planned to go out with Von tomorrow to see Lucy but had to postpone for now. So Von popped in to see me bringing with her the sleeve of one of her OH's old sterile environment overalls which it seems are made of Tvyek. Very differnt from the Tvyek Hilda sent. So we cut a bit out dripped some alcohol inks onto it and stamped a flower image in stayzon. Lots of colour bleed making a very interesting piece. Heat gun and yep up it shrivels, Von then suggested making a hole in it and applying heat to the hole ummm like that so holes in the flowers making them pull in at the middle. It is different but the results are similar and great fun.

Added a few microbeads in Glossy Accents stamped the flower in versa mark onto some scrap card and used clear EP on part of the stamped images. Tyvek stuck to card and a little fibre threaded round.

Thanks Von


  1. Great piece and seems like you and Von had a fab time xx Hilda

  2. That's turned out brilliant Zoe :) the beeds and fiber really set it off.
    and the box is even better in the flesh clever you!
    Luv Von x

  3. oh totaly love this zoe the fiber,and beeds are just perfect,hugsc heryl xxxx

  4. Oh I like this! I've been wanting to try tyvek for some time. Like your display too. Hmmm..off to find out more about this mysterious material :)

  5. Hi Zoe, its absolutely stunning with those colours and the mix. Love how it worked out and hope your little cat gets better soon

  6. You always come up with amazingly creative ideas. This is lovely.

    Hope Torti recovers soon and you can stop sitting by the cat flap lol

  7. Tyvek is really weird stuff isn't it Zoe, hard to imagine they use it to strengthen buildings with!!!!

  8. Oh forgot to say, hope the putty cat makes a speedy recovery xxxxx

  9. Fab idea Zoe, I love how you use so many different materials for your crafting. Sue C x


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