Monday, 5 July 2010

Alphabet Postcards Swap

Another fun swap has started at Lots to do forum the first runs to the end of July. We are swapping postcards each based on the next letter of the alphabet starting with A. Each month we will make 3 more cards and some time during the life of the swap we will make the covers. So if you fancy joining in with this swap and chatting with a great crafty group we would love you to join us at Lots to do Revisited

My postcards
A is for Acrylic paint (pallet waste)
Acetate just used as a clear layer with A stamped on it
Alcohol ink, used more of the monoprint from last Monday

B is for Batik, faux in this case LOL
Beeswax need to practice this technique which has perfect pearls melted into the wax
Beads so many types and ways of useing them

C is for Collage
Cork, sticky backed and cut with a TH die
Clay just a simple single colour in a simple mould
Chipboard this little c was stamped with my cog stamp and embossed with gold EP

The theme planned for the whole set is papercrafting materials, techniques or styles amd each one will have its letter stamped from the Stampbug alphabet set.


  1. A fab set Zoe,love em all,gonna be soooo hard to choose

  2. Wow a terrific set Zoe, Annette x

  3. Lovely set Zoe xxxx

    Any luck on the job front yet?

  4. Great techniques, fab set. xx

  5. oh great set yet again hun,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  6. Great set of postcards. Love them. IS it too late to join in?


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