Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lots to do - Favourite card this year

WOW very nearly the end of 2010 and what a year its been.   Do you remember January we had snow then I think and certainly had some in February.   Between snow showers so much has happened lots of good things, some not so good and some sad but that is the way of things.

Thank you to everyone who has followed our promts and joined us at Lots to do this year. It remains one of my favourite challenge sites and its been a privilage to be part of the team thank you Hilda

This week our last challenge for 2010 (well next Saturday will be Christmas day!) we are inviting you to take a look back at your crafting year and sharing with us once again your favourite card of 2010 one that you made and for one reason or another are especially pleased with. A hard challange you might find, I did. Made a lot of tosh during the year but one or two nice pieces as well surprisingly fewer cards than I had thought. This one appeals to me because of the warm colours and layers of texture as well as the salt LOL here is the origional posting back in July.

Hope you enjoy looking back at your 2010 card makes and can find just one to share with us again. Lots to do will be back with you and with a new challange on Saturday 1st January 2011.


  1. Oh wow your card is beautiful with those fabulous colours. Not sure that I could select just one card from the whole year, but will have a think. keeleyxx

  2. Lovely soft colours, beautiful, Zoe!

  3. Lovely layering on this card Zoe, and the colours are beautiful!
    Happy Christmas!
    Alison xx

  4. wow..what a hard choice to make..picking just one! i don't think i could do that either! and your work is amazing to just pick one out of everything you've done! love this peice ~ those colors and textures are just scrumptious!

  5. This is a great idea! I love the card you chose.

  6. great idea for a challenge... had a hard job to choose...
    your music card is really awesome, the colors are great!!
    have a great christmas time and wishing you a happy new year!!


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