Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Another Friendly Plastic Mask

Following the fabulous workshop with Liz a little over a week ago I have so much more confidence now to play with FP and have another go at making a mask.

Nothing like the delightful elaborate and glamorous designs that Liz dreams up and makes but I'm pleased with it.

The crumpled bendy shapes give this in real life an slightly sinister look at variance with the soft fibers, used my Fabric Master to add those good to be finally getting some use out of that tool.   And beads watching Liz make a basic rolled bead solved my problem with those.

3 strips of FP used to make this but none of them completely used up on it.   Right off to find my FP now ready for my next play session.   Liz is on C&C tomorrow 27th April, we had a preview at the workshop and it will be fascinating to  watch.


  1. Beautiful mask Zoe! I remember when we could find FP in any craft place. Now it is scarce as hen's teeth around here. My stamping place is looking for a reasonable supplier. Fingers crossed.

  2. Wow Zoe I've just been looking to see what you've been making over the last few days. Your creativity always amazes me. All beautiful but I think my favourite piece is the jig saw circle - stunning. You're getting interesting effects with the friendly plastic too. I've never used it but it looks fun.

    I'm looking forward to watching the wedding curled up with my cats too !!

  3. Fab mask Zoe. Love the ways it's kept the colour, you've really worked it just at the right temperature. Those beads look fab cased in the FP, I'm guessing they are the ones we both bought on the day.

    Can't wait to see the C&C programme tomorrow - Sam xxx

  4. Wow, a fantasy creation, love your mask. xx

  5. My first thought was if a spider but the colour arn't frightening :) super mask Zoe
    Von xxx

  6. Fantastic mask, that would be just the thing for a carnival celebration here! Valerie

  7. Great mask Zoe, love the colours and design. It's fab when you have learnt something new and then can use those skills and refine them more and more. Well done you.
    I can't believe where Easter went and now another long weekend - woo hoo. Off to Thorpe Park on Friday as long as it doesn't rain, to meet up with family from Ramsgate.
    Have a good week.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  8. I think it's fantastic Zoe, not scarey at all. Elizabeth x

  9. Wowzer this is stunning very futuristic ! Love the colours and the bendyness of it ( Can't find right word ) Magnificent.



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