Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gingersnaps inspired by any previous challenge theme

When ever there are five Wednesday's in the month Gingersnaps have a Blue Moon Challenge five Wednesday in March this year so last week they set a Blue Moon!   As there have now been over 100 Gingersnap Challenges all of them have been listed for us to use as inspiration.

Looking down the list Black, White and Silver caught my eye.   This was originally inspired by the Silver Screen and that age of Hollywood glamour  of the black and white movies.

This wonderful stamp of the piano player reminds me of that age when the silent movies were shown with someone playing a piano in the pits to help set the tone.   Music still tells us how we feel about films when we see them now.   This chap is more likely to be a lounge player or as I always think a Jazz player.   Stamped in black on white and coloured with Promarkers all five of the cool grays.   Promarker silver used for highlights. When finished blue and silver alcohol inks brushed over.


  1. Great work, love the composition and the cool colour scheme. Hugs, Valerie

  2. A really nice piece of artwork, kiddo. Aren't challenges a great source for inspiration? Even when we don't lack for ideas, it's nice to have something to focus jour efforts, from time to time.

  3. Oh, I love it, Zoe! How are you doing today? Great, I hope!

    I just noticed your little imps...I have a tuxedo cat too...your kitties are adorable!

  4. Love how you have linked the different elements in this - and what a great interpretation of the theme - clever you!

  5. What a great colour scheme, the silver really compliments the b&w xxxx

  6. Good one...def a jazz player I reckon. Have recently acquired (sp?) that stamp but not used it yet.x

  7. Terrific choice of stamp Zoe and a great card. Thank you for playing Blue Moon at Gingersnaps. Annette x

  8. Fab Zoe!
    My Grandpa used to play the violin for the silent movies...my brother....inherited his musical ability...he could really make the violin speak...could have gone to menuin's school.

  9. Love the piano man! Great piece of art, Zoe! xx

  10. Well done on your win Zoe, good for you


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