Just for Fun - Tea Cards

Postcards were fun hope you enjoyed them.    This is Neet's last May challenge and she has picked a cracker to close May with.   Tea Cards

Do you remember those packets of loose tea and between the wrappers there would be one of these little cards to collect.   There were so appealing to children and so informative.  I had complete forgotten them until Neet proposed this challenge.   They are a specific size, 2 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inches with a white border framing the image.   Had a lot of fun putting these together the images are heat embossed the ends of my fingers knew all about it!

Looking forward to your different Tea Cards linked back to us at Just for Fun.


  1. They look totally beautiful Zoe, Annette x

  2. Hey Zoe, I love the clean lines of these- and that size would be fun to create on. I remeber as a kid going through my dads collection of these from when he was a kid!

  3. Hi Zoe

    Yes, I remember those Tea Cards and we used to stick them all into little numbered albums. But unlike the cards the kids pay to collect today you were always guaranteed to be able to get them all .. .. unless it was just that Mum and Dad drank lots of tea!!

    I wonder why they are now and which of us kids got to take them with us when we left home. It wasn't me!!

    I love the ones you have made here. Gorgeous colours.

    In traditional style I hope you have added a description of the picture on the back and given each of them a number LOL!!

    Love Jules xx

  4. oh i do remember those tea cards ... now you mention it.
    These are just beautiful, the colours are gorgeous.so pretty
    Lisa x

  5. We used to have PG tips and I always collected the pics in albums! Love yours, I will def. give this a try for old times' sake. I do miss England! Valerie

  6. Lovely subtle pastel colours and the fringe around the edge just sets them off nicely.

    Sam xxx


  7. These are lovely....I remember tea cards very well !x

  8. Hi Zoe. These are lovely. So delicate.
    Regards Florence.

  9. Hello there Zoe, I love your tea cards, so pretty, I've just cut one to see the size, ooh they are small. Well done you, yours are decorated beautifully and I'm not surprised you burnt your fingers. I'm off to see the details. Thank you for your kind comments:0) xxx

  10. Oooh I remember those and the albums we had to keep them in
    I love these Zoe they are so delicate

    Hugs Jackie x

  11. Very delicate Zoe :) a lovely trio
    Hugs Von x

  12. These are gorgeous Zoe and a great fun challenge xx

  13. Beautiful cards , the colours are beautifully delicate. I too had forgotten all about these cards until this challenge, its been lovely to be reminded

  14. Beautiful delicate looking tea cards

    Thanks for your useful info re comments - box now unchecked and I can comment

    I'll get these cards in the post to you for the swap

  15. Now I did comment on this one and it seems to have disappeared. Beautiful tea cards takes me right back to my childhood. Such beautiful stamping and delicate colours.



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